On Being Baptized in a Drought

Michigan registration stickers  float  off license plates
as they are driven through the dust patch
that separates gravel from blue bushes//
And the dust turns us racoon,
coats us everywhere we have not rubbed clean//
          A grain of dust so fine
          it fits perfectly into the
          inside of a pore//        that’s what we’re up against.

A palm over my face, arm behind my back, I am dipped into the pond of grey dust and emerge
gray and unequipped to apply lotion to my own belly//

We march uphill
  (tail  to  trunk)
to  the  hose where water is made the object of our jealousy//
           A trunk that needs no cleaning,
           gushes out water at the command of a wrist
           but it cannot meet
           the top of my too-tall-head              and so I remain dusted//

Ronny is beginning his first year as a PhD student studying Medieval Literature at Michigan State University. He obtained his Bachelor’s from the same university in the subject of creative writing. He has one poem published in Sagebrush Review XII, and one in Vagabond City. Ronny is transgender and uses he/him pronouns.