i do not go to war with this body
that means it is meaningless to conceal suicide
that means i am soaking in its eventuality
i am recast as cemetery populated with grim headstones
& as a well spaced gash that has not been sewn up
i walk on God's word, branding names & events with footprints
in all sincerity, i desire a reconciliation between Jehovah & Lucifer
two ends of the Gospel sensitive to a slight border cross
but for sanity, i do not build annotations into history
surfing through life on a pack of beer cold as winter
the moment i thrive in feeds from the helpless rot of sanity
continuing without permission, control is a distant relative
i subscribe to deferred dreams & deliver myself inside the dark of shadows
i lay partial claim to madness which remains indistinct
i drink to life solidified by giant steps recorded away from warmth
to few steps from untaming the fire housed on my tongue
to this path named as the origin of ruination
to homely songs forever clothed in haze & thick dust
to society incorporating fear on the action of breathing


for times when my body falls into place with thorns
steadily growing attached to a weaponized love
i do not protest against giving to a cause bred by future wounds
or to screams erupting at the summit of appealing kisses
i commit myself to thoughts ploughed by sadness
every thought is a city awaiting siege by darkness
the last place which accepted offering of allegiance tasted chaos
flooded with ruins & bursting into gusts of desolation
there are ways to watch me ease into unrest by breathing:
leave the doors to your mind open & exorcise fear
dim the lights currently in carriage by your body
feed your name to the drowning shadows
wear my poem proudly & observe a tear starting riots within your flesh
do not announce this systematic crumbling to the birds
crawl into your body & block the voice heralding life
i am constantly alternating between sad narratives
leaping into the mouth of the great unknown
& growing uncontrollably to become void, boundless as pain
i am never home to peaceful contraptions & such lifestyle
a beautiful calm atmosphere is a toy my hands never play with
ever subscribing to the irregularities in my thought patterns
i call out rivers willing to adopt a body leaning towards unbeautiful endings
& a compassionate one stretches wave for me to hold as surety

Michael Akuchie is a Nigerian writer and dreamer who studies English and Literature at the University of Benin, Nigeria. His work has appeared on Barren Magazine,  Agbowo, Anti-Heroin Chic, Isacoustic and elsewhere. He is on Twitter as @Michael_Akuchie