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There is no such thing as too many poems. No such thing as too many stories. We have so much love to hold, & to give, & to sing. There's so much that's waiting for you. Everyday that I read a poem, I am in love all over again. I hope you all keep writing. I hope we never fall out of love.




spirit crows

Spirit Crows - KL.JPG


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Keith Loker was sentenced to death in 1995 and is incarcerated on death row San Quentin. Keith uses the method ink-stippling, which he uses in his art work to create beautiful pieces with great detail.


Keith says, "Ink-stippling by hand is an art medium of precise dotting.  As I sit hour after hour laying down individual dots it can induce a tediousness that I must be mindful of because in this process I cannot make a mistake since there is not a way to repair a missed placement of a single dot. Each piece can take weeks into two months to complete due to the rest I must give my fingers and wrist because this technique requires small precise movements from dot to dot which means I can only work each day for a certain amount of hours. What drew me to this style of artwork was how defined I could stipple a scene to completion giving the visual feeling of being a photograph. And photo-realism is what I am aiming to achieve in a sense to reconnect to the imaginations and dreams I had in mi teens.  And other pieces attempt to touch into my thoughts and experiences of mi adult years as I mature and endure struggles inside prison. These completed scenes have been a way to physically finish something using my hands, mind and time while locked in this 4 x 8 x 10 cell closet.  I have no formal training in art and so each project becomes another learning curve.”