Airborne Toxic Event




It’s either raining or it isn’t.


We step outside.                   A smoke-blue mist play-bites our skin

                                                       (deceptively not unpleasantly).

It tastes of shades of green that feel impossible.


An act of some bored god

on some other bored god’s day off.


                                               Our irradiant backyard

                                              tingles (gloriously not unpleasantly).


Yes, it is raining.           It has never rained

                                                                  like this before.


Susan Cronin studied at Rutgers University, Sarah Lawrence College, and The New School, where she earned an MFA. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals including Nashville Review, DMQ Review, Gingerbread House, Josephine Quarterly, Amethyst Arsenic, and indicia, and is forthcoming in Whiskey Island and Figroot Press. 

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