The Trace of Night


 I want to fall in love with you-
Rip-Roaring, Mad - Free!
Like scarlet silk ruffles through soft and wild winds
Across orange-soaked faces of yellow daffodils. 

Whiskey stained breath,
Breaks through rainbow colored glass
Fractured -  Shattered
Shards of reddened drenched heart
Fall aimlessly,
Unfounded in the blank and blinding stratosphere.
A challenge to the very impulse of my faith!

- YOU - 
A manifestation resurrected of flesh and blood 
In.               Whole.             Heart. 
Your Heart, rests on the center of lips,
Ripe and puckered bloom on the tip of a resounding, yes!
Yes- I want to fall madly in love with you!
I do, I want to spill into your skin as twilight falls into stars.
Just slip away from this world wildly bright and collapse-
       Cracked open
Into the dreams of day-

- - But of night
You are a phantom, an apparition.
A blurry emission of pastel haze, purple, pink and blue persona.
The illusion to which my ache is never quenched,
Yet, your call haunts me-
The Trace of Night lies thick on your name
Hung by the necks of a thousand soulless tongues
Winter drifts by... And by… And by...

Oh, cast your seed across bachelor button fields 
Spread wide the hunting ground-
Conjure the calla lilies and call upon me!
Call forth, a sonata of blue-masked birds only my bones can receive
Unbounded by the blazon, blueberry sky-

Let the planet ring!
Hear it rave and ripple underneath the whale's song
As earth quakes and trembles begging stones to rise in soil 
So that life, climbs back into the very pulse of my blood!
A full bodied entreaty trails the scent of my desire on your flesh,
It Burns - -
                  - - My eyes 
Can only draw upon the breath of your gaze.
So that my fire, the blaze inside you-
Knows that I-
                      -Am with you too.




Jennifer Circosta's poetry has been published in several different anthologies, various magazines and on-line journals. Her written works have been likened to other great writers and poets including, Edgar Allen Poe, e.e. Cummings and Emily Dickinson. Most recently, Jennifer was a finalist in the prestigious, Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Contest and won the Editor’s Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry. She has been the featured poet in the Canvas and Record newspaper as well as on the Hudson Valley Transmitter podcast. Also, Jennifer’s work has been showcased and broadcast live on the Scribble Radio Show, in Manchester, London.

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