I don’t look good in red.

Not red like the color but read

like that one book, for that one class—

oversimplified and underused.

Fervent and unabashed by its pages

Which are soiled in milk.

Not milk like its spilt but milk

like the kind you wish you had between

right now, and back then.

I can’t really remember the last

time I wore red and it

didn’t conflict with my inward eye,

the imagination complete without you.

Yes, you. Not you as in yourself

but you as in something else to drive me away

from what I know to be true.

Girls like me can only wear blue.

Not blue like the color, blew like the wind that

caused a home to crumble. Not home as in house,

but home as in without anyone there that

understands or sees beyond the flesh,

and into the heart. I think it’s there where

I look good in anything.

Orange, yellow, or ebony like

the slime that protrudes my mouth when I speak

The same words from that one book, for that one class—

Oversimplified, and underused.




Cymelle Leah Edwardsor Clé, is a Junior at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. She serves as the Editor-in-Chief of GCU’s Literary Review, StartleBloom. Having been published in the review two years in a row and the recipient of the Story Blitz short fiction competition, Clé aspires to continue her education at University of Arizona. Here, she hopes to obtain her MFA in Creative Writing. As a former staff writer for Odyssey, Clé has discovered, what she calls “a new way of professional writing”. Her favorite books include Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol, and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Strangely inspired by both Carrol and Kafka, she writes with her own agenda of puzzling ideas together from both imagination and inclination, which she hopes readers will enjoy.

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