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Two Poems | R. Bratten Weiss 

Slouching Towards Ijtihad Joey Sheehan

Infielder/Outfielder | John Franklin Dandridge

Nightfish Matt Dennison

portrait of the young musician that doesn’t go out much Avelynne Kang

At the Russian Restaurant and Disco in Pittsburgh Charles Brice

Red | Cymelle Leah Edward

Uranus RetrogradeJames Stansberry

Taboo James Croal Jackson

The Trace of Night Jennifer Circosta

QuarantineJim Zola

The Beneathist Michael Joseph Garza

Perfume | Robin Sinclair

Airborne Toxic Event Susan Cronin

Soy tu semilla | Ramon Molina



Carro Publico 1987 | Meg J. Petersen

Empty Rubber Prison | Daniel Loring Keating

Hazard | John Burns

Summer | Joyanna M

Happiness | Misty Urban

Four Problems Presented by Poetry | Phillip T. Stephens



Fences will not contain us | Cristina Norcross

Two Pieces | Ashley Parker Owens

Juniper | Tempus Serene

Live a Good Life | Gordon Kegeya

Napier, Iowa | Alejandro Rico

Tea for her | Fabrice Poussin

The Melting Man | Denny E. Marshall

Cover Art | Muskaan