almost dead

I don’t see the day you see,

The Day I see is bleak.

I see bars, well armed guards,

And things that make hearts weak.


I don’t see the sun that shines,

I don’t see the stars.

I see pain, misery,

And bodies etched with scars.


I don’t see the flowers grow,

I don’t see the trees.

I see doubt, hopelessness,

And lots of trembling knees.


I don’t see the rivers flowing.

I don’t see the streams.

I see waste, deficiency,

And men with shattered dreams.


I don’t see integrity,

I don’t see the truth.

I see men who’ve lost their mind,

And men who’ve lost their youth.


I don’t see the happiness,

I don’t see the pride.

I see doom, suffering,

And men whose souls have died.


I don’t see prosperity,

 I don’t see the life,

I see strain, emptiness,

And faces creased with strife.


I don’t see the day you see,

Each day I see I dread.

Cause every time tomorrow comes,

I know I’m almost dead.

Bill Clark was sentenced to death in 1997. Bill writes, "I wanted to make sure I maintained my sanity, my sense of humanity and my resolve to be a productive member of society. Because of the safety and security limits placed on death row inmates, my options to exercise my creativity were confined to something I could write or draw on paper. I began by drawing humorous greeting cards and political comics. Around this same time, I started writing poetry and essays on political and social commentary.  I love writing and drawing.  Plus, I honestly believe my persistence in pursuing success will eventually pay off.  Writing and drawing give my life a sense of purpose and meaning, while serving as a buffer to the harsh, inhumane and demoralizing rigors of my predicament."