Inside the realm of water

Tonight I reached for you and pulled

a ladle through the trees.

Water came down as stardust.


Every turn of the constellations

brought the mountains closer.

I waded into the sagebrush

and listened to coyotes howl.


The path of their wolf echoes

lead me back to our runaways,

the time we dove into the hot springs

without a second skin

so we could ride the thermals

and watch the steam rise off our shoulders.


Into the night, I followed you

inside the realm of water,

never coming back.

Aden Thomas grew up on the high plains of central Wyoming.  His work has been featured in Rust + Moth, The Chiron Review, and The Inflectionist Review.  His first book of poems, What Those Light Years Carry, was published in 2017 by Kelsay Books.  More at

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